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What is SEO, and Why?

SEO is simply Search Engine Optimization, and the objective is simple.

Rank your website for relevant keywords to your business, and by doing so, allow your customers to find you on page 1 of Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Imagine customers finding you 24/7 just because when they are searching for a solution to a problem, your site presents to them the solution, whether it is a product you are selling, or service you provide.


We’d be the first to admit – SEO is now a saturated space with many big companies spending good money to stay ahead of the competition. If you go head-on with the same strategies that these companies use, you will find yourself fighting a losing battle, every time.

Many of these SEO agencies work with big, established companies.

This means that their clients’ sites tend to be well established, with good press constantly boosting their SEO efforts.

That means, it is much easier for these companies to rank well.

  • But

On the other hand, if you are a relatively new company to SEO, you face an uphill task of winning these giants.

That is why, most of you who have worked with larger SEO agencies may have had bad experiences.

You simply do not see the big ranking increase as promised, and you see little improvements as your bottom-line does not increase.

Why? They use the same mechanical approach to search engine optimization as they do with their bigger clients.

Because of the leverage these websites already have on their established businesses, it works great, as explained earlier.

But if your budget is small, then, your results is also just as small.

Instead at, we focus on blue-ocean strategies.

MAPS SEO or also known as LOCAL SEO.

This is focused on the Google’s Local 3-Pack. By just being able to appear on this coveted spot, you will get phone calls to your business even if your website is really ugly – guaranteed.

Here’s why.

Take a look at this search on the mobile phone. Notice the call button on the right? It allows the searcher to make a call directly to you!

If you’re working with us on MAPS SEO, make sure you have a well-staffed phone line.

Read more on MAPS SEO here.

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Buyer-Intent SEO

We turn the standard approach to SEO upside down, literally.

Most agencies will offer to rank your website for 10, maybe 20 keywords, and sell you on that package.

Sounds familiar?

But what’s the problem with this?


Every other big company is aiming for the same 10 to 20 keywords. Which means that if you spend $1,000, they will probably be spending $5,000 - $10,000 or more.

This traditional approach works, and we still do it. But we do it smart.

So what exactly is buyer-intent SEO?


This radical approach to Search Engine Optimization allows us to tap on Google’s own RankBrain algorithm and use it to our advantage.

By giving Google what it wants to see, it allows our website to be associated and known by Google for a certain purpose.

In turn, it allows us to rank for hundreds, if not thousands of highly relevant, buyer-intent keywords at once.

Once your  website starts ranking for these searches, our data has shown that you will start to rank also for the harder-to-rank keywords that everyone else is coveting for.

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